Clicgear Model 8.0+ Push Cart

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Clicgear Model 8.0+ Push Cart

The Clicgear 8+ Four Wheel Cart is Clicgear's new, top of the line golf cart for 2019. This Red Dot award winning cart gets even better. Improved this year with an easier to use brake lever and all new upper and lower silicone bag straps. The premium of four wheeled carts.

Overview of the Clicgear Model 8+ Four Wheeled Pushcart

The Model 8.0 features our new silicone strap system with both an upper and lower bag straps added. The patented 4XFOLD™ technology also allows all four wheels to fold, making for a much smaller folded size. This also allowed us to make the front wheels open wider as well, for greater stability. You’ll also notice there is no ‘lawnmower’ type front axle to slow you down in tall grass.  The 8+ now features a silky smooth front brake lever powering the dual front brakes. This makes setting the brake a lot easier than the previous model.

Features of the Clicgear Model 8+ Four Wheeled Pushcart

clicgear 8 pushcart features

1. Umbrella Tube Strap

The New Umbrella Tube Strap offers better grip on your umbrella. Improves the comfort for every round while reducing the chance of losing your favorite umbrella to a gust of wind. The strap color can be customized with a M8+ Trim Kit (sold separately).

2. New Brake Handle

The new Model 8+ has a much improved and easier to use brake handle. The new design brake borrows from the proven design of the Clicgear M3.5+ and M4. We’re happy to finally have this improvement done as it was one of the most requested changes.

3. Redesigned Console

There is now a new stylish scorecard holder on the Model 8+ as well. It’s silicone and does exactly what the old string version used to do, but it looks way cooler. The holder comes in many colors which can be customized with a M8+ Trim Kit (sold separately).

4. Silicone Bag Strap

We finally got tired of the old elastic straps, so we decided to vastly improve bag grip and adjustability for 2019. The result is the new Clicgear Silicone Strap System. The straps are infinitely adjustable right out of the box and are also gentle on your precious bag.  The straps also come in many colors which can be customized in seconds with a M8+ Trim Kit (sold separately). No tools required

5. New Upper Saddle

Along with the new bag strap comes a more sturdy and robust upper saddle with a better fit. The new saddle also secures the bag strap when not in use.

6. Umbrella Carrying Strap

A small improvement, but worth mentioning. The Upper Umbrella Strap has been moved and improved. It now has a bit more room and is easier to access.


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