Tour Edge Lady Edge Women's Complete Set

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Tour Edge Lady Edge Women's Complete Set

The Lady Edge high-lofted 460cc driver is designed for superior distance and accuracy. The low-profile stainless steel fairway woods provide a super low center of gravity for higher flying wood shots, and the easy-to-hit stainless steel hybrids deliver maximum forgiveness on the long iron shots.

Full Set Includes: 

  • Driver
  • #3 & #5 Fairway wood
  • #6 & #7 Hybrid
  • #8-SW Irons
  • Putter
  • Deluxe Cart Bag

Lady Edge Driver

The Lady Edge Driver is a 460cc Titanium driver built for maximum launch. The driver's 15-degree loft will produce high-launching, longer drives with ease and consistency. Its offset design will also battle slices, while the face of the clubhead features a huge sweet spot for improved accuracy.  

Lady Edge Fairway Wood

Designed to match and perfectly complement the LE Driver, the oversized fairway metals are designed for maximum launch and ease of use. The LE 3-wood is set to 18-degrees of loft, while the 5-wood is set to 22-degrees.

Lady Edge Hybrid

These versatile easy-to-hit hybrids are designed to give you relief from anywhere on the golf course.  You won’t find a higher lofted hybrid anywhere else in golf. There are 2 hybrids in the Tour Edge Lady Edge set: a 6 and 7 hybrid. The #6 is set to 31-degrees while the #7 is set to 35-degrees of loft. These will get you up and out of any lie.

Lady Edge Irons

These stainless-steel oversized irons offer extreme perimeter weighting and a wide undercut cavity that moves the center of gravity back and away from the face to help hit higher, more accurate shots. Toe weighting on these irons make for more forgiving off-center hits that battle a slice. These efficient scoring clubs are perfectly blended in an 8-iron, 9-iron, Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge.

Lady Edge Putter

The LE high-MOI mallet-style putter features an easy-to-use alignment aid that helps sink more putts. 


(Sets are available in -1" petite length or 1" long length)

Driver  15°  59°  43.5" 
#3 Fairway Wood  18°  59°  42" 
#5 Fairway Wood  22°  59.5°  41" 
#6 Hybrid  31°  62°  36.75" 
#7 Hybrid  35°  62.5°  36.25" 
#8 Iron  40°  63°  35.75" 
#9 Iron  45°  63.5°  35.25" 
PW  50°  64°  34.75" 
SW  55°  64°  34.5" 
Putter  4°  71°  33"