XXIO Prime X Irons

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XXIO Prime X Irons | 2019 XXIO Golf Clubs

XXIO Prime Irons from Wide World of Golf are the highest in material quality and golf club design.  XXIO Prime Irons are specially built for light weight, easy launch and long distance for slow to moderate club speed golfers.  XXIO Golf Clubs are engineered for easy distance.


Made from ultra-lightweight materials, XXIO Prime Irons feature a titanium face with new Speed Groove to provide higher ball speeds and a higher launch for moderate swing speed golfers.  No other golf club launches the golf ball easier.  Experience unprecedented speed and lightweight feel with new XXIO Prime Irons. Featuring a titanium face with new speed groove, launch it high and land it soft with these Prime Irons.


Super-Tix PLUS Titanium Face with Speed Groove

Featuring a new iron face made from Super-TIX PLUS Titanium and a CNC milled speed grove, XXIO Prime Irons offer a larger sweet spot for increased ball speed and more distance.


Unprecedented Lightweight Construction

The new XXIO Prime SP-1000 Shaft, with TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, is extremely lightweight to help produce more ball speed and distance due to its smooth, easy-to-swing profile.


Groundbreaking Forgiveness

Two high-density tungsten nickel sole weights and a shorter iron profile make these Prime Irons more forgiving than previous models.


XXIO Prime Iron Specifications

5 22.0°     61.5°    38.25" C9 RH
6 25.0° 62.0° 37.75" C9 RH
7 28.0° 62.5° 37.25" C9 RH
8 32.0° 63.0° 36.75" C9 RH
9 37.0° 63.0° 36.25" C9 RH
PW 42.0° 63.5° 35.75" C9 RH
AW 48.0° 63.5° 35.75" D0 RH
SW 56.0° 63.5° 12° 35.75" D0 RH