Srixon Z U85 Utility Irons

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Srixon Z U85 Utility Irons

Get the new Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron from Wide World of Golf at the lowest price, with free shipping.  Wide World of Golf specializes in all things Srixon.  The Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron can be used for Driving off the tee, playing from the rough, or for a little extra long-iron forgiveness from the fairway.  The list of uses is endless with the U85 from Srixon Golf.

Forged Construction

Ultra-soft 1020 carbon steel combines with a high-strength SUP10 face to give you soft feel and unmatched distance.

Fully Hollow

Hollow construction creates controllable long irons with forgiveness and a high-launch trajectory.

Iron-Like Address Profile

A clean, inspiring design boosts your confidence on the tee or in the fairway.


Laser Milling produces consistent spin from the fairway or the rough, giving you total control on all shots and more stopping power into greens.