Ping iBlade Iron Set (3-PW) - Steel or Graphite

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Ping iBlade Iron Set - Steel

The body of the iBlade iron is precision cast from a high strength-to-weight ratio 431 stainless steel, resulting in the softest, purest feel we've ever achieved in an iron. With the workability to shape shots on command, the compact iBlade head delivers consistently precise distance and trajectory control that surpass skilled players' expectations.

PING engineers -- good players themselves -- designed the iBlade with the mindset of the best players in the world. A thinner top rail, minimal offset, straight lead edge and sharp high toe will appeal to the eye of the discerning player. Refined bounce angles and ample heel relief produce a workable sole design. Further precision comes from the milled tour-spec grooves and precision-machined fly-cut face.

The engineering team ensured every club in the iBlade set delivers exceptional distance while improving overall gapping. A much thinner face yields greater ball speeds for increased distance throughout the set with higher overall trajectories and precise control.

Forgiveness is also factored into the design. Nearly "pure" tungsten weights are pressed into the toe of every head to increase the MOI. The weights are subtly concealed to maintain the clean head design. With a very high MOI for an iron its size, the iBlade iron is our most forgiving blade-style model to date.


 ClubLoftLengthOffsetLieBounceSwing WeightDexterity
3-Iron 20.00° 39.00" 0.17" 59.63° 4.0° D2 RH/LH
4-Iron 23.50° 38.50" 0.15" 60.38° 5.0° D2 RH/LH
5-Iron 27.00° 38.00" 0.12" 61.13° 6.0° D2 RH/LH
6-Iron 30.50° 37.50" 0.10" 61.88° 7.0° D2 RH/LH
7-Iron 34.00° 37.00" 0.09" 62.63° 8.0° D2 RH/LH
8-Iron 38.00° 36.50" 0.07" 63.38° 9.0° D2 RH/LH
9-Iron 42.00° 36.00" 0.05" 64.13° 10.5° D2.5 RH/LH
PW 46.00° 35.50" 0.03" 64.75° 12.0° D3 RH/LH
  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.

  • Lie angle based on Blue Color Code at standard length.

  • Standard swingweights for graphite-shafted clubs are 1 point lighter than shown.

  • Achievable swingweights depend on shaft and grip combinations.