Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Pre-Order 9/23. Launches in stores 10/4.
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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Check out the all new Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver from the Wide World of Golf! To go longer off the tee, you have to go faster. So we Turbocharged the driver face. It’s more speed off every tee for drives that launch higher, go farther, and find more fairways. The new Launcher HB Turbo. Step Up, and Launch It.


Your ticket to distance is ball speed. That means, to go farther, you need a faster face. So we made a new one: the Turbocharged Cup Face. A perimeter of wafer thin titanium flexes at impact, reflecting energy back into the ball for more speed. But this face is Turbocharged, so we took things a step further by engineering a variable thickness pattern that makes you faster on every ball strike. It’s more speed for more distance, wherever you hit the face. Now that’s fast.


Put your new speed to good use with a towering launch, one that fires drives into a high altitude trajectory. How’d we get you there? Our signature inverted HiBore Crown, the new Ultralight Hosel, and 35g of Deep Weighting. It’s a 3-part system designed to lower the CG, raise your launch, and boost your distance off every tee.


35g of head weight slammed low and deep has the distinct advantage of increasing forgiveness. A lot. Deep Weighting makes for our most stable driver platform yet, with an MOI increase of 424gcm2. Forgiveness like that puts your ball in the fairway, even when you don’t deserve it.


A heavier driver delivers more power, adding speed and distance off the tee. But simply adding head weight can make your golf club feel more like a sledgehammer. To solve this, Miyazaki developed the counterbalanced C. Kua shaft, a made-in-Japan feat of engineering that makes a heavier head feel easy to swing. That’s a best-of-both-worlds scenario that adds distance to all your drives.


Is a driver right for your game if weight in the sole gives you a launch fit for a rocket, a sleek new design inspires speed, and a Turbocharged Cup Face makes you faster than ever? Isn’t it obvious? Turbocharge your drives: order your Launcher HB Turbo.